Family Health

Family Health- Parents – Kids Have Stress Too

Do you remember searching for four leaf clovers in the grass when you were a kid? Making dandelion necklace? Building forts with old cardboard boxes? What will your kids remember? Sitting in the back of a minivan? Ordering dinner at drive -through? Being shuttled from activity? More importantly, how will it affect their mental and physical health?

Emergency doctors are noticing more and more children coming into emergency rooms with racing hearts, sweating, feeling like they’re going to die, etc… all adult symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Common children stressors include: problems at home or school, parental conflicts, family money problems, health problems, changes to routine, distressing world events, and social problems, such as teasing and bullying.

Children often say “the morning rush hour stresses me”: I have to eat quickly, I have to get dressed fast, brush my teeth quickly, then pack my stuff!….

Academic stress or competitive sports can be healthy for children but it depends on how children manage the stressors and their sense of control. “If the stress is something over which they have no control, and that could be anything from a certain disaster to problems in the family, the results can be long-term physical and psychological health effects.

Signs that a child might be experiencing undue stress are:
” Recurring headaches, tummy aches or neck pain
” Increased irritability, sadness, panic, anger
” Trouble relaxing or sleeping
” Lethargy, daydreaming, withdrawal from activities
” Excessive energy or restlessness
” Reverting to less mature behaviour
” Nail biting, hair twisting, thumb sucking or sighing deeply
” Friend trouble
” Behavioural problems, such as biting, kicking, poor listening, restlessness, acting out, impulsiveness, poor school performance, whining, crying, and fighting.

Although there’s more research regarding the health effects of stress on adults, there’s no reason children wouldn’t experience similar effects.

What parents can do is often too simple, but due to their own stressors and busy lives, it often becomes challenging or pushed to the side:

1. Stop, look, and listen! This is one of the most effective and simplest strategies: really look at the child and seeing what they are doing, whether it’s darting eyes or raised shoulders…. and really listening to their concerns while a connection is established.

2. Help kids cope: the best defence against stress is a healthy balanced lifestyle that includes physical activity, quiet time and relaxation techniques, with a primary emphasis on affectionate parents who are good listeners.

3. Be a good role model. Parents are terrible stress models for kids. “Where’s the balance that we’re modelling for kids as we answer cell phone calls in the middle of soccer games or we bring briefcase of work on holidays?

Helping children gain a sense of control through effective problem solving and decision making are great strategies for stress management. But it’s important that parents first emulate the behaviour. Many professionals encourage parents to share their mistakes and challenges with their kids; this is an excellent and efficient way to teach them to problem solve when, for example they hear ” I blew it at work today and this is what I’m going to do to retrace my steps”

4. Play with your kids: Above all, parents need to play with their kids. “Get to know your kids and let them get to know you.” It’s the only way parents can determine if stress is a problem in their child’s life.

Some of the most important nutrients to help children cope with stress are the ones that strengthen the adrenal glands (stress glands):

” Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)-helps the adrenals function adequately
” Vitamin C-is vital for proper functioning of the adrenals
” L-Tyrosine (amino acid)-relieves excess stress put on the glands raw adrenal extract (adrenal glandular)-helps rebuild and repair the glands
” Coenzyme Q10-carries oxygen to the glands
” Multi vitamin-mineral complex-contains nutrients needed for correct functioning of the body

Bigger Problem

Stomach Bloating is a Bigger Problem – Health Threats You Should Know

Too much fat around the midsection may be a problem. But a more threatening condition may just be lurking without us knowing it. Stomach bloating can be mistakenly treated as just flabby middle. It is a condition where you feel full or pressure in the stomach. Boating may be very uncomfortable, but that’s not the real health threat.

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is one common result of bloating. It is caused by prolonged stress, emotional upset, caffeine intake, large meals, medications, and certain foods like wheat, chocolate and dairy products. While IRS is not life threatening, its effects to your body can be discomforting. You will feel abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and change in bowel habits.

Getting rid of IRS

Water. Drinking plenty of water (8 glasses a day) has lots of health benefits including treatment to IBS.

Avoiding fatty foods. Fatty foods cause formation of fat cells that can affect your circulation. Eating too much fatty foods has several health risks like hearth disease, diabetes, and weight problems as well. Avoiding them, therefore, does not only reduce the risks of fat-related health problems, it also helps you become healthier and fitter.

Chewing gum. Chewing gum may give you relaxing effects, but the truth is, you are taking in too much air to your stomach that may add to your existing problem. Chewing gum for several minutes is like swallowing air for the same amount of time.

Dairy products. People who suffer from lactose intolerance are more prone to irritable bowel syndrome when they consume dairy products. But those who don’t are not totally safe. Even if you are not suffering from this condition, you may still experience stomach bloating as you consume dairy products.

Funnel tea. It is an organic tea that helps remove the effects of bloating by relaxing the gut and relieving the spasm of the gastrointestinal tract.

Health Retreats

The Best Solution To All Health Problems – Health Retreats

With the world becoming more technologically advanced and fast paced, the lifestyles of all individuals is becoming more and more hectic. Newer and unheard diseases are affecting people and conditions that were previously seen in the elderly have begun afflicting youngsters as well. Most people go for treatment only when the disease is in an advanced stage. This makes their cure and treatment much more difficult. However, now you can avoid the occurrence of these diseases in the early stages only with the help of health retreats.

These retreats were preciously referred to as resorts, due to the presence of mineral springs. They also had the presence of whirlpool baths that pumped the water and helped people to relax and enjoy the luxuries while at the same time rejuvenating their bodies so that their health problems are better taken care of. These health retreats are not only good for the physical body but also prove to be good at cleansing the mind and the soul. With a lot of stress and tensions, most of the problems that afflict the body are due to the mental causes.

Health retreats utilize a number of techniques that are quite effective in providing relaxation to the body including a number of massages and therapeutic body workouts. If you are looking to utilize their services in the best way possible, then you must be aware of all the techniques utilized and how these offers help you. It is best to look at a spa or health retreat that will provide you with a wide range of services aimed at relaxing the entire body.

According to the services that are provided by them, these health retreats come under a variety of categories but the main aim of theirs is the same, that is to improve the health of the individual. These categories include –

* Club spas

* Medical retreats

* Mineral health retreats

* Eco resorts

* Mobile spas

* Day spas

You can get a wide range of services from these establishments depending on your desire. Whether you want to simply pamper yourself or try out the latest in holistic healing treatments, then these health retreats are the best options for you. They provide a completely natural healing process that has a vast number of benefits for anyone who tries it.

You can choose from a wide range of options, each depending on your budget and the level of your convenience. However, it is necessary to take time out for such purposes as it is important to take care of your body. With a sick and tensed body, you will not be able to properly carry out your tasks. So, health retreats are the best way to ensure that you take care of your health and enjoy doing it at the same time.

Pug Problems

Pug Problems: Health Concerns to Consider With a Pug

If you are a new Pug owner or considering adding a Pug to your family, please understand the downsides of Pug ownership. Pug health problems are a major factor to consider! Trust me, I have been a Pug owner for over two decades and have spent thousands of dollars in vet bills. Frequent vet trips and ongoing medical bills need to be considered in the Pug ownership equation. I’m not trying to scare you away from Pug ownership, rather provide honest feedback on what you can expect.

The first thing to understand about Pugs is that they are genetically prone to a wide range of serious medical issues. Improper breeding in recent years has introduced additional genetic issues to be concerned about. This makes breeder selection a critical choice when deciding where to get your Pug puppy. I recommend spending the extra money and buying from a reputable breeder. Consider it an investment in your future peace of mind.

Early prevention measures can help a great deal in keeping the vets bills down to a reasonable amount. Once you understand early symptom indicators then proactive measures can be taken to minimize or avoid serious complications. Unless you have managed to clone, Frank the Pug from Men In Black your “cute” Pug does not have the ability to communicate how he is feeling or what hurts. Don’t let your Pug suffer in silence.

Pug problems come in both external and internal form. Here is a short list of common Pug problems:

• Footpads: After letting your Pug play outside always inspect the pads of their feet. Although the footpad material is quite tough, any damage can put your Pug in excruciating pain. Contact your vet to receive the proper medical care if you find a damaged pad.

• Eye Infections: Pugs are prone to several infections, especially in the eye. The chance for eye infections or damage is increased because of their protruding eyes. Because their eyes are exposed, they can get small nicks or cuts from foreign objects.

• Ear Infections: Another common Pug problem is ear infections. Swelling and excessive earwax are the common symptoms of an ear infection. Frequent cleaning of their ears can help reduce the chance for ear infections.

• Joint Problems: Arthritis and hip dysplasia are common problems for the Pug breed. While genetic problems can take years to develop as a Pug owner, you can take precautions by only buying your Pug through a reputable breeder. The recent surge in Pug popularity has resulted in an increase in genetic problems from improper breeding.

Mountain Biking and Knee Problems

Mountain Biking and Knee Problems – Health Advise For Mountain Bikers

Even though biking itself is considered to be a form of recreation that has a low impact on the knees, mountain biking and knee problems often seem to go hand-in-hand. Of course, while rock-hopping, root dodging and stream fording are many times the causes of knee injuries while mountain biking, other factors, whose source is not as obvious, may play a role in knee injuries or knee pain. While it may be necessary to consult a physician if knee pain persists or worsens, there may be some quick and easy fixes that may help alleviate nagging knee pains and problems.

Some of the factors related to mountain biking and knee problems include: the biking routine, the bike itself and the physical makeup of the rider. Knee pain is generally based on a combination of these three factors. Listed below are some ways that each of the factors relate to knee problems:

o The Bike Routine – riding habits; change in distance, duration and intensity of conditioning
o The Bike – saddle height and setback; crank length; foot positioning; use of new equipment
o The Rider – asymmetrical leg length; inelastic, weak or tight muscles; previous injuries

One of the major issues involved with mountain biking and knee problems is that the bike is not fitted to the rider. Many times a rider will try to adjust to the frame of the mountain bike. In fact, the mountain bike frame should fit the frame of the rider. Adjusting the position of the seat, the height of the saddle and the crank length may help relieve some of the issues related to knee pain. As with anything else, if the fit is not right then problems will inevitably result. Many times after the bike is adjusted to better fit the rider, the rider will feel relief from the pain immediately.

Listening to the body is key in any recreational activity. Since pain is the body’s way of alerting the individual that something is wrong, it is important to heed these warnings. Often there are simple ways to deal with knee problems related to mountain biking. Perhaps a decrease in intensity or distance of the ride may be necessary or simply ensuring that proper stretching occurs before and after the ride. However, there are times when the issues related to knee problems cannot be fixed by adjusting the bike or proper stretching. It is possible that damaged or torn ligaments, cartilage or tendons may be the culprit. A physician can prescribe the best method to remedy these situations.

Prevention of knee problems is always easier than the treatment of knee problems. Experience and conditioning are important in any recreational activity and mountain biking is no exception. Be aware of the difficulty of the trail and the physical ability and agility required by the trial, have properly fitted riding equipment, and do not forget the knee pads. This will lead to a more enjoyable ride with less pain both during and after the ride.

Overweight Health Problems

Overweight Health Problems – Health Problems That Are Caused From Being Overweight

Are you in the situation of being overweight, well now research has shown that there are hundreds of Overweight health problems.

Over the past 10 years the size of the average waist has grown at a rapid rate, but is this not concerning everyone out there who is overweight?

Research has now show that if you are overweight you have a 75% increase in developing cancer, which is the very disease that claims the most lives.

After being overweight myself I was sick and tired of having a low self esteem and not fulfilling my life’s dreams. I knew that being overweight was killing me and when I heard about the overweight health problem I knew that I needed to change something.

Overweight health problems range from mild to severe which if not acted upon now could lead to an early death, which I am sure no one wants.

Right now ask yourself, do you want to live the most of your life?

If you are overweight I need you to really ask yourself if you need to change something in your life, because the overweight health problems are a major concern.

If you were to start to try and change your life today, there is no doubt that you can achieve. When people hear the word diet they run in fear, but a diet does not have to be bland and boring.

To change your life, you need to introduce healthier food options into your day to day life. I know that once you change to some healthier options you automatically lose weight from the shock to your body.

Do not fall victim to the fad diet pills out there, I wasted hundreds of dollars on them and believe me they do not work. If you want to lose weight finally and rid yourself from overweight health problems you need to a diet that you live with.

The problem is that most people may lose weight, but once they finish their diet they gain it all back and more. If you to lose weight and keep it off you need to change your lifestyle choices.

Problem Health Dog Care

Top Reasons For Problem Health Dog Care

Dogs make wonderful companions and in some cases, great watch dogs. With problem health dog, you need knowledge and common sense. If your dog is sick, you can determine the problem and take every measure to correct the health problem or request the help of a vet. Dogs live outside and inside accounting for the many different health problems that can arise in these different circumstances.

Keeping your dog in perfect health and protected from bacterial, fungal and viral infections is your responsibility. The number one need of the dog is regular vaccines and proper care. Dogs need vaccines against rabies, parvo and distemper. Dogs also need to be checked yearly for heartworm, which can cause death to the dog if not properly prevented. Keep in mind that rabies vaccinations are given every two years and distemper vaccinations are received yearly.

There are some misunderstandings about the problem of health dog care in today’s society. Without the proper understanding of the dog’s health, people tend to think a dog needs no care at all. Learn the top reasons why this is not true.

Fight against Rabies and Distemper

Vaccines work to stimulate the immune system in other to fight against the virus if the dog is exposed to such a virus. The dead rabies virus is given as a vaccination and the body considers it a foreign body, thus building antibodies to fight against it. If the dog is ever bitten or infected by another animal that has the virus, the body now has enough antibodies to fight the virus, therefore your precious companion does not fall victim to a fatal virus.

Distemper vaccines vaccinate against this virus, by building up the immune system against such an infectious disease. The main objective for this vaccine is preventing the animal from undergoing painful and even death if they contract the virus. Yes, some animals do survive the virus even when not vaccinated, but the pain and expense falls on you.

Problem Health Dog- Are Vaccines Safe

The virus no longer has the capability to produce, as the injected virus is no longer a live virus. Many improvements made to ensure your dog’s health have dog and cat owners at ease and their health remains intact even after receiving the vaccination.